[ROUNDUP] G-Dragon One Of A Kind Concert in Korea Press Conference (21/3/13)


G-Dragon, with his solo concert ONE OF A KIND coming up, told his fans that he wants to have his own brand value as an artist.

G-Dragon is currently conducting rehearsal runs for his concert at Sports World in Hwagok-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul with his real concert stage fully replicated. On March 21 at 3p.m., he announced his current plans to the press.

He said, “when I first had my solo concert four years ago, I was simply an idol singer. But now BigBang completed the tour and I want to show my fans my talent as an artist. BigBang is music for five people to collaborate, but as an individual I think I have a lot more hip-hop in me, although this is for the fans to decide. I am in charge of both BigBang’s songs and my own, so this is a problem that I have to solve. I think my upcoming concert will give me some answers to this problem.”

In his last concert, parts of his performance were criticized for its explicit sexual expressions. And G-Dragon is concerned for the upcoming concert, as he has to make sure his way of expressions does not cross the line.

He said, “We have thought about it a lot since the planning stage of the concert. I think whatever I do, it looks provocative. (laughter) We thought about making my concert an R-19 one, but this is not because I want to add sexual performances or anything provocative. It was because I wanted to employ many different ways to express what I have inside me. And because there are a lot of talented people helping me with my concert this time, I believed that they will also help me come up with various ways to express my music. I did feel bad about not being able to see my fans who are under 19, but I thought this was a step I needed to take.”

However, his R-19 concert will be postponed for now. Since this is his first world-tour concert, there were more things to take into consideration.

He added, “When I gave it more thought, I realized that I have my duties as a Korean artist. We came together to think about different ways to express my music, and we found some answers. But I will hold a R-19 concert, just for fun. It’s not going to be anything big, but I want to have a thrilling performance with fans my age or older.”

In this concert, world-star Psy is also coming to see G-Dragon perform. On March 20, the two met up to listen to each other’s new songs.

G-Dragon said, “I listened to his new song and made some comments. How was it? Well, I can’t answer that question. Because it’s too big.” (laughter)

G-Dragon was too busy to talk to his four members from BigBang. He told the press that the members are all too shy to give him words of encouragement.

G-Dragon said, “It’s too hard to see the guys. Daesung is preparing a solo concert in Japan and is a lot busier than I am. T.O.P just finished shooting a movie so he is taking a break now, and Taeyang is also working on many different projects. Seungri? I’m not sure, I think he’s well. (laughter) We are not so good at sharing words of encouragement. We call each other up sometimes and ask if we are eating well. Simple questions like that. And those little things are actually what keep us going.’

The world-class creative directors and choreographers, Travis Payne and Stacy Walker are co-directing G-Dragon’s upcoming concert. The two were also present at the press conference, and said “we had no idea there were so many talented people in Korea.”

G-Dragon commented, “there will be four different sections in the concert. All the sections have a common thread so it becomes one story as a whole. For the entire planning and rehearsing time, the two creative directors looked after the band and even the staff members, and I was touched. Their caring character helped us create an amazing synergy effect. BigBang’s concert was cancelled in Brazil, but next time I really hope we can visit.”

G-Dragon, on March 16, conducted a rehearsal run for his concert at Sports World in Hwagok-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul with his concert stage fully replicated. Until March 25, he will be rehearsing here to make his actual concert a perfect one. He will also rehearse on the real stage at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena.

Other artists like BigBang and 2NE1, previously have also replicated the stage in a different venue for rehearsals with overseas team members. Such practice is followed by G-Dragon, to make his concert an absolutely perfect one.

G-Dragon’s first Seoul concert will be held on March 30 and 31 at the Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena.

Source: YG-LIFE


G-Dragon wants to hold a 19+ Concert?

On March 21, G-Dragon held a special press conference at the 88 Gymnasium in Hwagok-dong, where he is currently holding practices for his upcoming 2013 1st World Tour: G-Dragon [One of a Kind] on March 30 and 31 at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Hall.

At the conference, he stated, “I want to one day hold a fun and exhilarating 19+ concert.

He shared that there are a lot of talk of making the concert rated R during its planning process, but it fell through. “But whatever I do, I have a somewhat 19+ image.”

On the 19+ concert, he explained, “It’s not that I wanted to do something really racy or suggestive, I just had a thought that there would be more ways to express myself. It would be saddening because everyone under 19 wouldn′t be able to attend, but I believed that it would be my next step, so it appealed to me strongly at first.”

The reason why he decided against the 19+ concert was because he was Korean.
“After I thought about it, I am a Korean artist, and even if I tour around different countries, it’s still a tour where I hold the sense of duty as a Korean artist, so I decided against it.”

He explained that in the end, he found different ways to express himself without it being 19+. G-Dragon still hoped to hold a 19+ concert one day.

Source & Translated by: enewsworld


G-Dragon′s Album is 70-80 Percent Done!

When asked about his upcoming album, G-Dragon hesitated at first, saying, “My boss told me not to say anything…” but then he added, “Preparations are going well. I′m about 70 percent or 80 percent done. I′ve worked on the album since last year. The release kept getting postponed because I kept making additions. The concert is even better than last time, and I′ll make the album more high quality also through the tour.”

(omitted irrelevant info)

Source & Translated by: enewsworld


G-Dragon Says He Can′t Sleep Thinking About His World Tour?

G-Dragon confessed he′s having a hard time in the days leading up to his world tour, saying, “I′m very pressured. I′ve even been suffering from insomnia these days.”

When asked whether he feels any pressure, he answered, “I do feel pressure, but I try to forget about it because I know it won′t help me in any way. I try to steady myself and stop thinking bad thoughts.”

About his solo world tour, he said, “It′s my first world tour alone but I′ve dreamed about it since I was little. I think through Big Bang I was able to prepare for it. I′m looking forward to it very much also.”

He finished, “I do feel nervous about having to perform for two or two and a half hours alone. The staff who have been helping me are ready, but I′m not. I have to work harder.”

G-Dragon′s tour will launch in Seoul from March 30-31.

Source & Translated by: enewsworld
Cr: ygfamilyy


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