[ROUNDUP] G-Dragon at SBS Thank You!

G-Dragon Wants Ballerina Babies!

With a world renowned ballerina present, G-Dragon shared his thoughts on ballerinas.

“When I was still a student, I came out of a performing arts high school, and the female students who were doing traditional dance and ballet were so beautiful,”said G-Dragon. “They were beautiful, starting from their postures.”

Cha In Pyo asked if this means that G-Dragon will marry a ballerina in the future.

“I want to have daughter, and if I do, I want to make sure she learns ballet,” replied G-Dragon.

Source & Translated by: enewsworld


 G-Dragon Says His Love Confessions Were Rejected in the Past!

The singer spoke up on the March 22 broadcast of SBS′ Thank You, revealing “

I was often turned down after a confession when I was little. I don′t know why,” he said.

Ballerina Kang Su Jin replied with a big smile,

“I bet they′re really regretting it now.”

When asked by Cha In Pyo on whether he prefers women who are older or younger than him, G-Dragon also answered, “I don′t care about her age. Age is just a number.”

Source & Translated by: enewsworld


G-Dragon talks about future retirement!

G-Dragon shared,“I am experiencing a big blessing right now, but I don’t think that I’ll be doing the same thing forever.”

“When I see myself not being handsome [on stage] and unable to share good music anymore, I will leave the stage. I perform on stage to give a good energy. But if I become in a position when I can’t give good energy, I will leave the stage with no regrets.”

“Probably around that time, I will have a happy family. I will get to share stories about how I met my wife and so forth, and I want to have those kind of stories to tell soon.”

Source: MaxMovie

Translated by: AKP


G-Dragon reveals, Yang Hyun Suk once told him “You′re the source of evil for our company and Big Bang.”

G-Dragon said on the show that Yang Hyun Suk was “the man who made me,” and added, “Now, he′s softened up, but even three years ago he never really smiled much.”

He picked the worst comment he had heard from Yang Hyun Suk to be “You′re the source of evil for our company and Big Bang.”

G-Dragon emphasized, however, that Yang Hyun Suk said such things with the idol star′s best interest in mind, saying that he was trying to train G-Dragon to prepare him for the outside world.

G-Dragon then joked that thanks to Yang Hyun Suk, he never got really hurt when people shot him down for his looks.

He finished by calling Yang Hyun Suk a “great partner.”

Source & Translated by: enewsworld
Cr: ygfamilyy


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