[PHOTO/VID] Daesung at ViVi Night in Nagoya, Japan! (22/2/13)

Big Bang‘s Daesung captivated a crowd of roughly 1200 people at a Japanese event.

Daesung featured as a guest at ‘ViVi Night‘ held in Nagoya, Japan on February 22nd. With his singing skills and cute speech, he showed off his various charms.

This event was also covered in the local news and thus is garnering a lot of attention. SanK wrote on February 23rd, “Daesung came up on stage and shared that he loves chicken wings and would like to move here.”
Daesung sang three songs from his solo Japanese album ‘D’scover‘ that will be released on February 27th capturing the hearts of the roughly 1200 people gathered.
Daesung will release his solo album on the 27th and is planning to follow with active promotions for the album.

Cr: bigbangworld


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