[PHOTO] G-Dragon, Mina Kwon & Many Celebrities Twitter/Instagram Updates with GD at a party!

@2AMkwon: “With GD”

@2AMkwon: “With GD”

@aerinyuktadatta: “It was one hell of a night! Thanks guys 🙂 @harry__kim @xxxibgdrgn…” (>NOTE: Aerin Yuktadatta is a Thai actress. She’s also a friend with G-Dragon and Seungri.)

Aerin Yuktadatta’s brother, Indy Yuktadatta with GD.

@xxxibgdrgn: “우리화해했어요 w/얼굴두꺼운애랑 @azraelyoni 연희는착한애니까….. (Trans: “We just made up… with someone who is bold-faced @Azraelyoni because YeonHee is kind”)

@xxxibgdrgn: “With Ryan Leslie”

Bozzo Sitapahu’s Instagram Updates with GD~

@uknowminakwon: “Turn up!!!”

Jo Sung Min (@zoelkan): “Korean Celebrity fancy by himself^^”

*NOTE: Harry Kim is the CEO of Seoulcialite Agency; Yeo Yoni is a model and Jo Sung Min’s girlfriend.

Source: @zoelkan//@IBGDRGN//@xxxibgdgrn + @uknowminakwon//@kwon_jo//@2AMkwon//@indy_yuktadatta
Cr: bigbangworld


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