[NEWS/PHOTO] B2ST’s Hyunseung & Taeyang reunite at a friend’s house!

An old trainee of Big Bang recently reunited with a current member.
Taeyang and Hyunseung recently spent some time at the house of composer Chon Seung Woo and to commemorate the occasion they all snapped a photo together.
The composer shared the photo above on his Twitter and wrote, “Today, my house is full of idols keke. Taeyang and Hyunseung came to visit. Dong Young Bae’s expression is amazing keke“. From his tweet, it looks like the pair went to visit the composer together. Hyunseung was once a trainee of Big Bang and even though he was eliminated from the final group, he has still maintained an incredibly close bond with the Big Bang members.
Being his usual silly self, Taeyang made a funny face at the camera while Hyunseung has a wry smile with his large adam’s apple sticking out. As they’re at a composer’s house, maybe they could have been talking about music? What do you think a collaboration between Taeyang and Hyunseung might sound like?….
Source: Akp//@Realtaeyang
Cr: bigbangworld

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