[NEWS] Japanese model, Tsubasa Masuwaka apologizes for her comment about G-Dragon!

On February 21, Masuwaka Tsubasa appeared on the Japanese variety show, Downtown DX, where she talked about a time when she met the Big Bang members backstage after one of their concerts in 2012.

When she took a picture with them, G-Dragon put his arms around her and the model stated that she didn’t like the gesture, making the studio laugh in surprise. Daesung, who was also on the show with Masuwaka Tsubasa, smoothly apologized on behalf of G-Dragon.
Masuwaka Tsubasa explained that it was because at the time, she was completely devoted to her husband of eight years and model, Umeda Naoki.
Unfortunately, Masuwaka Tsubasa and Umeda Naoki divorced in January of 2013.
When some fans began to complain about the comment, Masuwaka Tsubasa apologized through Twitter, saying it was merely a joke.
Source: Akp
Cr: bigbangworld

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