[NEWS] Dara’s perfect skin in unedited photo!!!



Sandara Park‘s unedited picture has gained the admiration of many people and the attention of netizens, drawing attention to her goddess-like beauty and flawless skin.

On the 21st, girlgroup 2NE1 member, Sandara Park updated her Twitter with, “To celebrate breaking 500,000 followers! I was thinking of what picture to share to show my gratitude. I chose to a picture from Clio photoshoot, taken by my digital camera. This picture hasn’t been edited yet, so please be nice.I’m always thankful for all of your interest and support,” revealing an unedited picture of her in a photoshoot.

Sandara Park‘s “untouched” picture gained the attraction of netizens with her unblemished and flawless white skin. Her white, jewel-like skin, seems to fit in well with her cosmetics ad shoot. In the photo, Sandara Park is wearing an orange, off-shoulder knit top, exposing her white shoulders. Aside from her clear skin, her attractive V-line, slim neck, and slender collarbone also attracted attention, revealing her feminine side. The fact that she is already 30, but doesn’t look her age is also eye-catching.

Netizens who saw the picture commented with, “Beautiful, beautiful Darong’s shoulders,” “I really want to see your advertisement now,” “Congratulations on exceeding 500,000 followers!” “I was captivated the moment I looked at your picture. You really shine,” “Very pretty,” “Your skin is no joke,” “When was this picture of Sandara Park taken?” “I envy Sandara Park’s skin even more, seeing her unedited picture,” “Untouched Sandara Park photo, how do you have that kind of skin,” “Really gorgeous,” “I can’t even find one single blemish on this photo,” “If you’re this beautiful, your picture doesn’t need to be edited,” “No edit picture causes no embarrassment even,” “How can anyone’s skin be this flawless,” “You don’t need to edit this picture,” “Sandara Park is 30 now, 30 right?” “Really a goddess of beauty,” “Shiny, shiny skin, so jealous~” “Her round head is really pretty,” “She has such slim collarbones” “You could pass as a high school student,” “Your collarbone is really pretty,” “My mind cannot comprehend how beautiful Sandara is,” “Her beauty just pops out,” “No edit picture right? It looks even prettier,” “I envy her beauty,” “She’s aging backwards. She’s eating preservatives,” “Can’t hide her visuals even without being edited,” “The honey skin winner,” “So jealous,” “You don’t need to be edited,” “Her skin emits light. This is really unedited, right?” “Her collarbones are jjang,” “Beautiful even without accessories,” “I really believe that Sandara unnie is a high school student,” “Already awesome even without the edits,” “Is it even possible to be this pretty without editing? I’m shocked,” “Beautiful skin queen,” “Do you even need to be edited if you are this pretty?” “Your skin is really daebakk,” “Shiny skin jjang,” “Sandara Park is the true queen of porcelain skin,” “Sandara Park, how does it feel to be that pretty?” showing their various reactions.

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara
Cr: Ohdara


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