Taeyang, G-Dragon and Dara’s Twitter Conversation trans (20/1/13)

dishwashing dara




Taeyang: “Dish washing Park #dara#2ne1#dishwashing”
Dara: “Ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke This is Dishwashing Park, the #1 best and most beautiful dishwashing woman in all of YG ^_^v Being the best dishwasher is easy!”
GD: “Noona, then do our house’s dishes too”
Dara: “I’m not someone you can just boss around to do dishes~~~ ㅋㅋㅋ”
GD: “Do it do it do it”
Dara: “Won’t do it won’t do it~ Dadoong! Bite him!!! Roar~ ㅋㅋㅋ”
Taeyang: “What is he? A cheetah??”
Dara: “He’s a Bengal cat!!! A descendant of the Bengal tiger~ Super cool, right?!?”
Taeyang: “Oh.. It’s cool”
Dara: “Swag~ Swag~ ㅋㅋ Thank you!!! I like something awesome rather than pretty!ㅋ^___^ Love Bengal Cats!”

Source: @Realtaeyang, @krungy21, @IBGDRGN
Translated by: @KristineKwak, @BlackjackBelle
Cr: Bigbangupdates


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