[PHOTOS] GD, CL and Yanggeng in London and GD, Yanggeng and model friend Lee Hyuk Soo in Paris!

In London:

Yoon: “#TRILLA”

*NOTE: CL went to London for a photo shoot together with Yoon from AMBUSH!

GD: “YTD, ASAP party w/ @xxxinxx @chaelin_cl”

CL: “We be them pretty m*****f**kers @asvpxrocky”

GD: “London »»»> Paris”

In Paris:

GD: “In Paris w/ @xxxinxx @lxxsxxhkkk + ?”

From left to right: GD, Yanggeng, a lady (which GD labeled as ?) and then Lee Hyuk Soo who is GD’s friend and a famous model in South Korea!

Lee Hyuk Soo: “I meet my friend in paris! @xxxibgdrgn”



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