Dakota Fanning and G-Dragon Meet Up? “The reports were completely false.”

A couple of Korean media portals reported that the 18-year-old American actress, who arrived in Korea on January 5th with her sister Elle Fanning for an endorsement deal with fashion brand J.estina, expressed that she wanted to meet with G-Dragon upon her visit to Korea. It was said that she even personally put in the call herself.

YG Entertainment then confirmed the news about the two having plans to meet up, but revealed that Dakota did not call herself. “Dakota Fanning said she’s always been a fan of G-Dragon, and it’s true that she contacted us through a Korean agency. Though G-Dragon, who is also a fan of Dakota Fanning, tried to adjust his schedule to meet with her, in the end, they’ve decided to meet at a later time due to conflicting schedulesReports are making it seem as if Dakota Fanning called [G-Dragon herself], but that’s different from the truth. It was communicated by the Korean agency.”

Dakota’s representatives, stated, “Dakota Fanning never called G-Dragon, and they never promised to meet in Korea. There’s no truth to the rumors.” As well as, “Dakota’s side never called G-Dragon’s side. It is not true that they were in contact to meet up,” emphasizing that the reports were completely false.

Source: Xsportsnews
Trans cr: Allkpop
Cr: ygfamilyy


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