PSY listed as one of 2012’s Rule Breakers – ” The Phenom ”


The Phenom

How does it feel to become an international pop star with a No. 1 hit practically overnight? To launch a dance craze embraced by toddlers and grandparents, presidents and talk-show hosts alike? To near 1 billion YouTube views, making it the most-watched video ever? For “Gangnam Style” star Psy (real name: Jaesang Park), he can sum up 2012 in two words: “Totally exhausted.”


Since July, when the South Korean sensation debuted his zeitgeisty video mocking the trendy Seoul neighborhood and featuring an infectious galloping dance (he declined to perform it at THR’s shoot) with only one line in English (you know it: “Hey, sexy lady!”),Psy has been making daily appearances in cities around the world. “The applause gets louder on every stage,” says Psy, who was signed to Justin Bieber managerScooter Braun’s Schoolboy Records. “Before, they just sang, ‘Oppan Gangnam Style.’ They’re now starting to catch some Korean words.”

The Hollywood Report
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