[OFFICIAL] YG X Hyundai Card Project Winner `Afrodino` 1st Digital Single [Chameleon] Release Announcement!

Hi, this is YG Entertainment.

This announcement gives you information on the first digital single [Chameleon]
of `Afrodino`, the winner of `Remonster ` project-the collaboration work with Hyundai Card. Their single will be released on December 21 (FRI), 2012 at 12 PM.

`Remonster` Project was designed to introduce qualified Indie musicians to public,
and to draw more attention to their music. [Chameleon] is the first digital single composed and written by the winner of the project `Afrodino`, and it is an acoustic pop that can make the listeners fall in love with the smooth voice of the vocal throughout the song.

The song is very addicting as the lyrics represents a man’s mind and through it, his honest thought is being delivered to his love, and the song has a melody that is easy to sing to.

In the process of the release of `Afrodino`s digital single, YG Entertainment has been involved in many parts including M/V Production, YG Recording Studio offering , music publishing, and etc. As well, Hyundai Card has participated in producing artist logo and digital single image design.

December 21 Friday at noon, `Afrodino` [Chameleon] along with music video will be unveiled at domestic online music stores. Please refer to the below for more details.

♦ YGXHyundai Card `Remonster`Project Winner – 

   Afrodino 1st Digital Single [Chameleon] ♦

 ▶ Indie band `Afrodino` Introduction 

`Afrodino` is a band composed of three 28 year olds (김디노, 최강혁, 이정환)and an acoustic trio that each member plays the guitar, the bass, and the drum. They aim for acoustic pop that anyone feels comfortable to listen to and have actively performed at Hongdae area since 2010.

▶ Song Title : Chameleon

▶ Song Release Date : 2012. 12. 21 (FRI) 12 PM (Noon) Online music stores 

(M/V unveiled simultaneously)

Please send your support to [Chaemelon] by `Afrodino` that will be released on December 21, and also to many Indie musicians who love and enjoy music.

Thank you.


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