YG Family dominates Youtube’s TOP 10 Most Watched K-POP MVs for 2012!

TOP 10 Most Watched Kpop MVs as of December 12 (2PMKST):

  1. PSY – Gangnam Style [923,003,408]
  2. PSY ft. HyunA – Oppa Is Just My Style [186,016,865]
  3. BIGBANG – Fantastic Baby [54,470,891]
  4. f(x) – Electric Shock [36,155,850]
  5. SNSD TTS – Twinkle [31,921,960]
  6. BIGBANG – Blue [31,738,6xx]
  7. HyunA – Ice Cream [27,808,172]
  8. BIGBANG – Bad Boy [26,183,7xx]
  9. BIGBANG – Monster [24,948,5xx]
  10. 2NE1 – I Love You [20,598,896]
With just 20 days left of 2012, according to YouTube as of December 12 2 p.m. (KST), the videos of Psy and Big Bang were the most watched K-Pop videos in 2012.

Psy’s Gangnam Style was, by far, the most watched K-Pop video this year (and, as everyone knows by now, the most watched video of all time on YouTube) as it last racked up 923,003,408 views. Psy’s unofficial sequel video to the same track, featuring 4Minute’s Hyuna, came in a distant second but with a still impressive 186,016,865 views.

Big Bang’s Fantastic Baby was the third most-watched K-Pop music video this year as it recorded 54,470,891 views. Incidentally, Big Bang’s BlueBad Boy and Monster were also the sixth, eighth and ninth most watched video for 2012 marking an astounding four videos found in the top ten most watched videos for the year. 2NE1’s I Love You was the tenth most watched video with 20,598,896 views.

SM Entertainment’s ladies, f(x) with Electric Shock and Taetiseo’s Twinkle, took fourth and fifth on the list with 36,155,850 views and 31,921,960 views respectively while Hyuna’s Ice Cream was the lone representative for a non-SM or YG Entertainment artist in the top ten with her video gathering 27,808,172 views to become the seventh most watched this year.
Source + Trans cr: enewsworld

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