[PHOTOS + VIDS] Big Bang, Epik High and Psy at MAMA 2012 backstage and after party!!!! (30/11/12)

BIGBANG with PSY & Epik High @ MAMA 2012 After Party.

*NOTE: This Playlist contains 8 videos including with PSY & Epik High!!! Go to the channel to watch all of them!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

More photos below~

GD with Angelababy & Eddie Peng

Actor Yuyan ‘Eddie’ Peng: “Oppa gangnam style!! Eh o o o…”

GD with Chen Bolin

GD with Fan girls

TOP started getting drunk~ Kkkk~^^

Backstage photos below:~

Source: As tagged//@weibo//@anni_h//@lillian0808 + @gd_chocolate//VissChannel@YT
Cr: bigbangworld + ygfamilyy


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