Singaporeans got PSYched at Marina Bay Sands!

Starting out small from the asian country where KPOP was found which has moved to almost the whole globe and, now first time setting foot here right in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) is the world’s phenomenal classy but cheesy dancer, PSY!


4 thousand fans were able to receive a free ticket each, thanks to MBS, which was sold out in 2 hours to watch a 1 hour show of PSY performing to 3 of his songs!

ChampionRight Now & Gangnam Style were definitely highlights of the night. Eventhough most singaporeans weren’t familiar with the other 2 song, they were surely was joining in the fun!

Check out the photos & fancams below!

Official Photos by MBS! 


PSY with Old Skool! 


Credits: Superadrianme, Zimbio, Mediacorp, StraitsTimes, InSing


Official Video by Marina Bay Sands

Highlights of the whole event

Gangnam Style

Credits: Superadrianme, ZatoVfy, InnocentOracle @ Youtube


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