[MAMA] Simon Yam Says He′s a Fan of Psy

Hong Kong′s actor Simon Yam revealed he′s a big fan of Psy.

After receiving his award for Best Asian Artist at the2012 Mnet Asian Awards (2012 MAMA) on November 30, Simon Yam met with press and said he′s a fan of Psy.28677542

As he went up onstage to receive his award, Simon Yam danced Psy′s horse ride dance that appears in Gangnam Style.

He said about the dance, “I put in a little changes to the horse ride dance to make it Hong Kong-style. I like Gangnam Style. I′m a fan of Psy too. Psy′s horse ride dance can be danced by everyone from age three to age 80, and that′s how it brought the world together. I hope, like Psy′s dance, films and performances can all become one.”

2012 MAMA was held in Hong Kong, and was aired live through 16 countries including Korea and Hong Kong.

Source : enewsworld

Photo Credit : CJ E&M


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