Jeremy Scott mentions that 2NE1 is his muse in an interview with Life + Times

L+T: Who would you say your current muses are?
: Lana Del Rey is lovely and I want to protect her from the world. She has the effect that I imagine Marilyn Monroe must of had on men. Grimes is someone whose music, personality and beauty has captured my heart and wrapped it around her finger. I feel she is so talented, I even sentKanye West her music telling him that he needs to work with her. She is the future. Rihanna is like a soulmate and her friendship and love means the world to me. I adore dressing her and creating looks for her tour because she really understands my essence and gets it to the core. The 2NE1 girls are my muses as well. I love their music individually and their way of re-contextualising references and cultures hence rendering them new. I did all their tour costumes for their current world tour just because I simply adore them and I want to see them hit number one on the charts. And from a non-music standpoint. I 100 percent adore [model] Cara Delevingne. She’s so beautiful, so funny, so unique and so genuine and that more than anything wins my heart as I am a very loyal boy. And speaking of boys; I of course have my boy muses. I have had so much support from A$AP Rocky, Lil Wayne and Kanye. I love how each one finds something of themselves in my designs.

Read the full interview here.



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