Lee Hi′s ′Scarecrow′ Used to be Park Bom′s Song


It turns out Lee Hi′s new song Scarecrow wasn′t really a new song after all.

On November 22, Lee Hi released her single Scarecrow to follow up her promotions for her debut single 1,2,3,4. Scarecrow was written by Park Jin Young, and is an R&B ballad track that emphasizes Lee Hi′s low voice and soul.

The song, however, wasn′t written by Park Jin Young for Lee Hi specifically. It was originally prepared for Park Bom′s debut as a solo singer in 2007 before she became a member of 2NE1. She had even recorded the song, and sang the song as a guest at one of Big Bang′s concerts.

A few fans who heard Lee Hi′s Scarecrow commented, “I knew it from when I heard the title that it would be this song,” “They′re both very different” and “So this song is finally being released after five years.”

Lee Hi debuted as a monster rookie, topping music charts for 25 days in a row with her debut single 1,2,3,4.

Source: enewsworld


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